Ripple Private Payments on the XRP Ledger with PathShuffle

The idea of private ledgers has been a hot button issue within the XRP community since being proposed by Sam of To The Lifeboats in one of his recent live streams.

Think private payments, not private ledgers

Now we have a new theory to try to digest; private payments. Cotswald Gent of S.P.Q.R Media argues that evidence exists that Ripple is using PathShuffle (a process developed by former Ripple intern Pedro Moreno-Sanchez) to allow for private payments on the XRP ledger using Codius smart contracts. This method would give banks the option for increased privacy for selected on ledger transactions. Cotswald proposes SCB (Siam Bank) as an example of a real world bank that potentially could be employing these type of private PathShuffle transactions, citing their pioneering use of the multi-hop feature within the latest version of xCurrent.

What to believe now?

Does this new theory compliment or contradict Sam’s idea of private ledgers (or so-called walled gardens) being employed between banks and certain FIs for increased transaction privacy on the XRPL? We will have to wait for his next live stream to see what Sam’s thoughts are on these latest developments and information proposed by the team at S.P.Q.R.

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