Using XRP Tip Bot

XRP Tip Bot is an application that can be used to send small amounts of XRP (5 max) as a tip to friends, family or your content creator of choice. The recently released Patron feature can be used to setup a recurring XRP payment to an individual. Patron creates a use case for XRP Tip Bot that functions like a digital asset alternative to a service like Patreon.

Tipping in XRP is a great way to show someone your appreciation for something they have done or content they have created. XRP Tip Bot was created by a software developer based out of The Netherlands named Wietse Wind. XRP Tip Bot works across four social media platforms: Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Coil. A paper account can also be used for those who do not wish to use a social media account. XRP Tip Bot users receive a QR code that allows anyone to easily send them tips in real life using the XRP Tip Bot smartphone app (available on Google Play and Apple Store).

My XRP Tip Bot QR Code
QR Code to tip me through the XRP Tip Bot App.

XRP Tip Bot allows a Twitter use to send XRP tips through a reply to a tweet. The following limits apply:

  1. Maximum tip amount is 5 XRP
  2. Maximum withdrawl per month is 1000 XRP

Step 1: Login to XRP Tip Bot with your Twitter account

***Update: For those who do not wish to use a Twitter account XRPTipBot now allows you to create an account using your login. For more information on Coil click here.***

The first step is to login. Go to XRP Tip Bot login page and click Twitter.

Logging in to XRP Tip Bot with your Twitter account.
Logging in to XRP Tip Bot with your Twitter account

Step 2: Add XRP to your account

The next step is to add XRP to your account. You can deposit XRP from an exchange or XRP wallet, from a Coil subscription or from an ILP payment pointer. For more information on how to purchase and use XRP go here.

Selecting your funding type
Options for funding your XRP Tip Bot account

Step 3: Start sending tips

When you see a post that you like simply reply to that post. Use the following format to send a tip: +<amount> @xrptipbot

Sending an XRP tip through twitter.
Sending a tip through the XRP Tip Bot in a Twitter Reply

The sender can confirm their tip is sent by opening a browser window, logging on to, clicking on Accounts and clicking Tips Sent. The recipient of the tip should receive an email from XRP Tip Bot confirming they have received a tip in XRP.

XRP Tip Bot Confirmation
Confirmation of tip received from XRP Tip Bot

The XRP Tip Bot patron feature can be used to setup automated recurring tips of up to 20 XRP to accounts of your choice:

Using XRP Tip Bot for Automated Recurring Tips

Step 4: Checking your XRP earnings

From within your XRP Tip Bot account click the account page and you can check the following statistics:

  1. Tips sent
  2. Tips received
  3. ILP / Coil Deposits (these are deposits from your Coil enabled website)
  4. Total XRP Balance
XRP Tip Bot Account Statistics
XRP Tip Bot Account Statistics: Tips Sent, Tips Received, ILP/Coil Deposits, Total XRP Balance

Step 5: Embed an XRP Tip Bot on your website

If you want to embed a link to your XRP Tip Bot on your own website or blog you can copy and paste the following script into your website page or blog posting (replace the “to” field with your Twitter username and customize the “amount” field to change the tip amount):

<a amount=”0.75″ size=”275″ to=”YourTwitterAccount” network=”twitter” href=”” target=”_blank”></a> <script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>

An example of the output of the script is below:

Step 6: Withdraw your XRP

From the XRP Tip Bot page select the “Withdraw” tab. Enter the amount of XRP you want to withdraw (1000 per month max). Enter your wallet address, destination tag (if necessary) and an optional memo. When all the required information has been entered select “Withdraw.”

Withdraw XRP from your XRP Tip Bot account
Withdraw XRP from your XRP Tip Bot account

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