Who to follow

The following are some important sources of news on digital assets and some of the most prominent voices in the space:

Coindesk: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News
Coindesk: Blockchain News
Cointelegraph: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News
Cointelegraph: Blockchain News
The Digital Asset Investor
Digital Asset Investor: XRP News & Insight
Alex Cobb daily live streams
Alex Cobb: Daily XRP News Streams on Youtube. Recently launched theXRPDaily.com
Davis Schwartz CTO of Ripple
David Schwartz: CTO of Ripple
Brad Garlinghouse CEO of Ripple
Brad Garlinghouse: CEO of Ripple
Crypto blogger C3 Nik
C3|Nik: Digital Asset Analyst/Researcher
XRP Tip Bot Developer Wietse Wind
Wietse Wind: XRP Tip Bot Developer
Ripple Company
Ripple: One Frictionless Experience to Send Money Globally
Coil Web Monetization
Coil: Web Monetization (Beta)
Vitalik Buterin: Creator of Ethereum
Vitalik Buterin: Creator of Ethereum Smart Contracts Platform
Thinking Crypto with Tony
Thinking Crypto: Cryptocurrency News & Analysis

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